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We prototype, design, develop and support startups, social networks, insurance platforms, payment systems, educational solutions, real estate platforms, and much more. Our team will:

  • Create a development plan with costs and time estimates
  • Assemble the best team according to your terms
  • Build an MVP to verify your vision and assumptions
  • Analyze customers behavior
  • Make a pivot in your strategy to avoid failure
  • — Help you to grow and increase your revenue
  • Support your product and secure your data

5 things you should focus on developing a product

After 12 years of developing experience, we know that the most important things are the quality of the product and satisfied user.
Thus we always take into account:

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Security & Privacy

User data, orders information, messages, payments are the heart of the product. They need to be protected. We will save your users’ personal data using backups, automated and manual code checks, and other solutions that have already been worked out on dozens of projects. It will allow us to avoid the mistakes that companies such as Twitter, Yahoo, LinkedIn did.

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Business, as well as the world, is changing rapidly. What made a profit six months ago, may no longer work. The company's top position depends on its reaction to changes. Thus, our team builds flexible products, that allows changing the product’s direction as fast as possible.

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UI/UX Design

The design gives the first impression of the product to the user. It attracts and keeps the user. But design is not only about beauty but also about usability. The interface should be intuitive for everyone. We ensure this by developing UX design. Our team collaborates with designers who have worked with Tesla dealers, real estate, brand design, and others. Moreover, we do not take a commission for design.

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The site is unavailable? Or a paying button doesn’t work? For sure it’ll reduce sales and profit. We use an automatic system to replace “dead” servers with new ones. The product goes through a multi-step verification process before come up to end user. Besides, if a user encounters an error, the system will notify us, and we will fix it within 24 hours.

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47% of users expect the site to be loaded in less than 2 seconds. If the site loads longer, the user leaves. We use a multi-step approach for testing and optimizing application speed. It includes automated and manual checks, load testing scripts, third-party analytic services, multi-server architecture, and others.

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Our developers worked on 214 projects in total for the USA, Great Britain, Europe, Israel, and Australia. Our product architect has experience in 48 projects ranging from a few weeks to several years.

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We take any sized projects highly responsibly. We’ve already worked with budgets above $500,000. We spend a budget rationally using own development servers, file storages, collaboration tools and evenly distributing service fees between clients.

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We work with different team sizes. The biggest team we had, for now, was 15 people. We effectively set up work between design teams, frontend, backend, and mobile developers, so they work as a single well-set mechanism.

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Our works

We know many clever words and even apply them correctly


Lean Startup , Trello , JIRA , Confluence , Slack , Agile , SCRUM , Kanban , more...


Wireframes , Mockups , Sketch , Figma , Invision , Zeplin , Adobe XD , Adobe Photoshop , more...


MVP , A/B Testing , Blockchain , API , JavaScript , Angular , React , Vue , more...


TDD , Cucumber , Selenium , TestFlight , Locust , Lighthouse , Feature tests , Request tests , more...


Docker , Amazon Web Services , DigitalOcean , Heroku , Continuous Integration , Travis CI , Circle CI , CodeClimate , more...

All these technologies let us build a quality product for you

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Our Mission

Develop great products. To share experience. Educate people. Grow together. Provide jobs. Make money to build our products.

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